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social thinking groups

Social Thinking™ Groups are available and are held at the office of ABC (Autism Behavioral Consulting).

The Social Thinking Groups will focus on teaching the foundational principles of social thinking for individuals who are experiencing social skills deficits in grades K-12 as well as adults. After an initial assessment, the individual will be placed in a small group (no more than 4 individuals) of a similar age and ability. Individualized goals will be developed based upon the evaluation as well as team or parent input. Groups currently meet once a week for one hour during after school and early evening hours. A session consists of 10 weeks.

Each group will consist of a structured, fun and engaging lesson targeting a particular skill, a less structured conversation and/or play time to practice the skills followed by feedback from the instructor, and will conclude with ten minutes of parent/significant other training to encourage generalization of skills between sessions.

In order to achieve the best outcomes, parents or a significant other are encouraged to enroll the individual for three consecutive sessions. After each 10 week session is completed, students may discontinue the group or continue with the next session. Weekly email communication will also be provided by the group leader to the parent(s) or significant other. [click here to print Social Thinking Groups Information Sheet]

Please go to the forms section of this webpage to obtain the intake form. Inquire about rates.
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